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Meatballs and Happy Kidneys

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

Hello and welcome to my Food Is Love Blog!

Today, March 9, we celebrate two very important things in our lives, Meatballs and Kidneys. You are probably wondering how the two relate, well, keep reading...

It is National Meatball Day, a highly celebrated affair, as I know of nobody who doesn't love a good one! My catering company, #anniesgourmetcatering provides our extremely popular #anniethevegascaterer Meatball Bars for our clients, featuring a variety of sauces, toppings, and breads, with options for #chickenballs and #sausageballs vs. traditional and delicious sirloin #meatballs.

Take a look at the video on our home page, featuring a meatball bar for our client in their beautiful home at #MacDonaldHighlands Henderson, Nevada.

My first blog post was back a few years now. A lot has happened since, and I'm finally able to put my thoughts into words again...

On March 9, in addition to being National Meatball Day, it is also World Kidney Day #worldkidneyday. This is very important to us, both personally and professionally.

My mother, my chef partner, and best friend, was diagnosed with CKD, Cronic Kidney Disease. No symptoms, just a yearly checkup and bloodwork revealing the diagnosis. We were truly shocked.

We have learned so much since then, about our kidneys, the effects of high blood pressure, and the importance of testing and awareness.

This silent disease effects millions worldwide.

A simple urine analysis, and early detection, are key. Testing yearly, beginning at age 50, is very important. The correct diet is also imperative.

Our Italian heritage and traditional cooking are what Mom's diet consists mostly of, with a few amendments, as you need to watch potassium and sodium.

We do a lot of sautés, just like in our restaurants, using extra virgin olive oil, with fresh garlic cloves, onions, red bell peppers, yellow squash, eggplant, zucchini, and pastas. Organic fresh vegetables are the best, of course, but not all are kidney friendly, so education and reading ingredients is a must.

The spices we use are granulated garlic and onion, as they have great flavor and no additives.

Mom is doing okay, with the help of her great Nephrologist, Dr. Kamron Saleem, and his group at KSOSN. #KSOSN #drkamronsaleem His wisdom, guidance, and respect, have given our family help and hope.

Mom and I are big fans of Tina Turner, and just learned she had CKD due to high blood pressure. She received a transplant from her husband, sharing her thoughts and advice from this life changing experience. Read her story at

In conclusion, Happy World Meatball Day, Mangia, and enjoy your favorites today. Additionally, please be kind to your kidneys, it is possible with education and awareness!

As my Grandma Anna would say every day, "HEALTH IS WEALTH!" She lived to be 93...

Have a great day, God Bless,


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I'm looking forward to blogging along with you on your journey. And reliving past footsteps. Engaging read. Buon viaggio!

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